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TotemThe VTRC has fifteen (15) student and one instructor work stations.  Each unit has a fast i7 processor, two 500 GB hard drives with 6GB of fast RAM and 21” LCD monitors. With these stations, our instructor employs techniques such as hands-on, from the book, and personalized applications for all your computer training needs.  These effective teaching methods allow our students to work with and retain new ideas, techniques, processes and concepts for a variety of computer applications. These methods leverage software as a tool for problem solving as well as helping you be more efficient and effective.

Our schedule also includes what we call Custom Classrooms. If you have an instructor and your group wants training on classes we do not provide, Haa Kaak Hás Ka Hidí offers the perfect learning environment to meet your needs. We have satisfied the needs of even the most demanding software applications including CAD, GIS, and high-end drawing or graphic arts programs. 

One-day workshop classes cost $139; two-day workshop classes cost $249; and three-day workshops remain at $380.